Sigma offers an exclusive range of high quality audio and video accessories, that includes but is not limited to TV Stands and flat panel LCD TV and Plasma wall brackets. We build audio/video accessory solutions that help conceal tacky fixtures, save previous space in your home and gracefully blend with your home decor. We specialize in a broad range of products tailored to your needs such as Hi-Fi equipment and LCD / Plasma accessories.
We proudly present our three most popular product categories of electronic accessories to adorn your home environment:

TV Stands:

Television is one of the widely enjoyed electronic items across homes. Television sets that are posed in the living room of your home need to be complimented with a unique selection of TV stand that perfectly matches with your television set. At Sigma, we offer a plethora of TV stands with designs that cover a wide range of colors, finish, size, modular structure and style to ensure that they accommodate and match your home decor. We ensure that our offered range of TV stands have different flavored designs - ethnic and traditional, modern and sleek, simple and sophisticated, complex and intricate- We make sure that you find a perfect match for your most used and loved electronic item in your home. Sigma?s TV Stands are designed thoughtfully to conceal unpleasing connecting wires and highlight the display of your TV screen.

LCD Wall Mounts
With growing need for saving space in your home, a most likely and effective solution for your home is mount your LCD TV on the wall! Customers of LCD and Plasma televisions can now select an interesting array of LCD Wall Mounts. You can choose from our widely offered range of LCD Wall Mounts that includes fixed, tilt (15degrees) and flat types of wall mounts. We build quality, strength and simplicity in Sigma?s LCD Wall Mounts to ensure longevity of use and universal compatibility for a wide range of LCD TV screens.
HDMI Switches
Going beyond analog electronic items and with the growing popularity of the High Definition Media Experience, Sigma has also stepped forward to offer high quality HDMI Switches. HDMI switches allow electronic product consumers to choose multiple HDMI electronic sources like HDTV, DVD, Computers into one integrated display. We provide HDMI switches that have multiple inputs that would help you integrate several entertainment electronic products together as per your customization. Sigma?s HDMI switches are all about expandability of your electronic products and perfect compatibility at the same time!
Sigma Care and Sigma Play
As a leading consumer electronics brand, Sigma can be touted as a one stop destination for any type of electronic consumer product accessories. Very soon we will introduce Sigma Care and Sigma Play that would transform your living space into an extension of your style and refined taste. With their introduction, we want to cover a broad range of extensive consumer electronic products. Our new range of accessories are thoughtfully stylized and designed in a way that elegantly merge into your home environment and cater to the variety of electronic products in your home that go beyond LCD or Plasma TV. With Sigma Care and Sigma Play, we are looking to further make our products compatible with a gamut of electronic items at your home.
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